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Odessa Lake

This is what happens when your whole body is hurting for various reasons and you don’t want to hike this weekend, but your husband talks you to do an easy stroll, which turns into a moderate 10 mile hike. And … Continue reading

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Hike to Harmonica Arch

This Saturday we didn’t camp. A decision I came to regret upon remembering all the amazing backcountry possibilities at Lost Creek Wilderness. The wilderness area is so beautiful, but damn you Colorado, do you have to be so outdoorsy?! We were at … Continue reading

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Finally, The Hanging Lake

Saturday morning at the Hanging Lake trailhead we were given options to wait around 3 hours or come back later, because the parking lot as full. I’m not exactly known for my patience, so we chose the option to come … Continue reading

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Supernova Pictograph

It’s said that the Supernova Pictograph on Penasco Blanco trail might represent the supernova, that created the Crab Nebula. The pictograph would be hard to spot without a sign. It’s directly above you on a small rock ledge. A star, … Continue reading

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