After 8,5 long months of waiting, last week’s Friday I received a message that my new green card extension has been approved. I’m yet to receive the actual card, but it’s already in the mail, traveling to Denver. During the process and way longer wait I had expected, I felt a lot of things. Frustration, depression, anxiety, even when I knew that my marriage is very much real, I’ve been a good little green card holder for the past 2,5 years and there should be nothing to worry about, it feels like you have no control over it.

365 pictures

From the project 365 pictures.

I always thought that after the wait is over and I get the decision, I’d feel happy, light and relieved. Instead I felt emotionally drained. I felt like sleeping for days and not talking to anyone. Go to work, work, chat, laugh, exhausted afterwards. Slowly everything seems to return to normal. I’ve dreamt about Helsinki and it’s old pastel pink apartment buildings. Now it’s time to start to plan a trip back.


Denver got some snow, and now it’s all gone.

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1 Response to Finally

  1. plaidcamper says:

    What a process, and I can relate, a little. You think you’ll be elated, but mostly it’s relief and a deal of tiredness – it’s a draining process, and I’m happy you’re secure for now!


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