I don’t recall ever making a New Year’s promise. If someone has asked I’ve come up with something as vague as “being happier”. Sometimes it has worked and at the end of the year I’ve been happier than the year before and some years, not so much. This year I want to try to take at least one picture every day. Going through pictures from 2016 I noticed I’ve carried my camera with me daily, but actually only taken it out of the bag when traveling. I’m going to give this “picture a day” -thing a try. I won’t promise to post them here, in Facebook I didn’t even tell about the challenge. The thing is, that it will truly be a challenge and I’m afraid of failure. I promise to TRY.



I still promise to try to be happier too. A tradition, you know?

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Photography, travel. BIRDS.
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5 Responses to 1/365

  1. plaidcamper says:

    Good luck with the 365!


  2. I’m well on my way to a photo a day on my blog (https://forestandfield.blogspot.com/) It an interesting project and on some days a little bit of a challenge to get a photo worth posting. My posts for summer was in September 2016 and for fall in December 2016.


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