After the Shock

I have to say a little something about the election. If you voted for Donald Trump, you voted against me, who I am (a woman and an immigrant) and the things I stand for (for example protecting the environment and just the basic human rights). There’s no way I’m going to have any respect for that vote. And I had thought the Brexit is the stupidest thing to happen this year.

There’s been some other things going on in my life, visitors from Finland, some big but positive changes at work and getting used to living with the hedgehog, but let’s still head back to happier times before this current election, to California and to the Los Angeles area.

Crystal Cove State Park, California.

Crystal Cove State Park, California.

Our first stop was Crystal Cove State Park. Not much to say, other than the childish joy of wading into the ocean and feeling the cold water on your feet. I could just stare at the sea for hours.

Point Vicente Lighthouse, California.

Point Vicente Lighthouse, California.

The next stop at Los Angeles area was Point Vicente Lighthouse. The lighthouse is private property, but there was a cool little museum close to it, telling the history of the area and the sea and human interactions with the sea. The weirdest thing we saw at the museum: an eye of a whale.


Watts Towers, Los Angeles.

Stop 3 in Los Angeles area was enjoying the sea one last time before heading inland. We stopped at some random beach and relaxed, letting the waves tumble us back to the beach. I started to miss surfing but swimming was fun too. 4: Watts Towers Arts Center. Didn’t get to go inside, but walked around a bit before heading for dinner.

Star of Donald Duck, Los Angeles, California.

Star of Donald Duck, Los Angeles, California.

After dinner we had our final stop in Los Angeles. The star of Donald Duck. Finland and other Nordic countries are crazy about Donald Duck. Back when I thought Donald Trump is just a horrible joke, I used to joke that the worst thing about Donald Trump is that he puts the good name of Donald to shame and I always have to specify that I’m talking about the cartoon duck, not about the hate-mongering orange. Unfortunately I was wrong.

I wish we had more time in Los Angeles. I got quite good in finding the fastest routes around and we got to see quite a lot, especially considering we spent the morning touring the mission and had to leave on time to make it to good ol’ Bakersfield for the night, but it’s such an interesting city. Next time I want to tour some art museums.

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3 Responses to After the Shock

  1. I’m with you, Salla. The election results are horrible, and I fear that things will worsen before they get any better. We’ve got a fight on our hands. Enjoyed looking through your photos from a brighter day, politically speaking.


  2. plaidcamper says:

    Walt’s already said it – some dark days ahead. An appalling outcome, and now there’s a long road that needs to be walked back to simple human decency. You have to hope…


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