Time to Breathe

Our next stop after the La Jolla sea lions and camping on the beach was Mission San Juan Capistrano. At this point I was already highly annoyed of our 3rd wheel who didn’t want to do anything and just being grumpy from being in the car almost since Colorado. The place ended up being highly interesting and provided a nice rest stop between Carlsbad and Los Angeles.


Mission San Juan Capistrano, California.


Succulents in the mission garden.


Beautiful lily pond.

Green leaves in the garden.

Green leaves in the garden.

This place turned out to be great. It’s not the most typical place we go to, but gave us a much needed break. I spent a lot of time just sitting in the garden and being alone. And a the place has a bird legend… (Also, Zorro.)

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4 Responses to Time to Breathe

  1. plaidcamper says:

    Enjoyed the swallows legend! Can’t say I’ve ever heard the tune, and probably won’t be rushing to add it to a playlist anytime soon…
    Interesting rest stop for a road trip!


  2. I, too, would enjoy such a visit, if only for the swallows in spring and the legends that give it further dimension!


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