San Diego

Let’s continue with the California trip. After an almost good nights sleep in Escondido, we dropped my husbands friend to a border crossing place so he could spend a day in Tijuana. I opted to spend the day in San Diego with my husband who doesn’t have a passport (If he had had, we would’ve gone to Iceland because the flights were so cheap). The day in San Diego ended up being one of my favourites during the trip. I took all the pictures of the ocean and waded in every chance I had.


Silver Strand State Beach, San Diego, California.


San Diego skyline from Cabrillo National Monument.

The bridge from Coronado Island to San Diego.

The bridge from Coronado Island to San Diego.


The husband, happy.

Our time in San Diego was cut a little bit short. We enjoyed the ocean, had dinner, visited Cabrillo National Monument, had coffee and by that time it was time to pick up my husbands friend from the border and head towards La Jolla and the sea lions (which turned out to be a lot of fun too).

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2 Responses to San Diego

  1. plaidcamper says:

    Wonderful photographs, and a very happy husband there!


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