Salvation Mountain, Salton Sea

Problem: summers being too busy and having too much to post, winters not being busy, meaning there’s nothing to post. I haven’t finished our Memorial Day, 4th of July Utah trip, South Dakota Trip or the California trip and last weekend to celebrate Labor Day, we did some backpacking at Grand Teton National Park. At least I will have a lot of material for the winter months and I’m interested in trying winter backpacking too.

For now I’m going to continue with the California pictures. The third destination, after Mojave Desert National Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park was an unusual one for us. We drove down to Salton Sea and up to Slab City and Salvation Mountain.

Salvation Mountain, California.

Salvation Mountain, California.

Salvation Mountain, California.

Salvation Mountain, California.


A reflection of Salvation Mountain.

Donkey Kong welcomes you to Slab City, California.

Donkey Kong welcomes you to Slab City, California.

Slab City, California.

“First Church of the Chocolate Martini”

A trash elephant in Slab City's East Jesus.

A trash elephant in Slab City’s East Jesus.

At this point I had been mostly awake since Denver, allowing the two drivers to sleep and keeping the awake one company. This place is in Southern California. It was a very different place from our typical destinations, when the aim is to spend some time in the nature and relax, wilderness areas being my favourite places and a remote cabin a lifetime goal. Salvation Mountain also marked the hottest point of our trip, the car thermometer showing 116 F/46 C.

My initial fear had been that there’s going to be a lot of people and that I would have to talk with them. Oh what a nightmare for a Finnish introvert! After all, it seemed there were a couple of other tourist groups taking pictures of what seemed to be a scene from the Mad Max series and that’s about it. Maybe the 116F temperature is an enough of a reason for sane people to stay away.

Why did you go see the mountain? Because it was there.

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3 Responses to Salvation Mountain, Salton Sea

  1. plaidcamper says:

    Well, it certainly appears to be interesting! Striking photographs. What a strange place (to my eyes, anyway!) and yes, far too hot to be hiking. Winter hiking, oh yes, and if you need snowshoes, so much the better.


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