They Are Not Trees

The second destination of our California trip after Mojave Desert National Preserve was Joshua Tree National Park. At this point we all had been more or less awake for over 24 hours, ever since leaving Denver, drivers taking naps and me trying to stay awake as a companion for the one driving. Towering way above my head, I had to remind myself that these are not actually trees, but a plant in the tribe of Yucca.


Joshua Tree National Park, California.

A view towards Salton Sea.

A view towards Salton Sea.

At this point the temperatures were in the triple digits. Bees were everywhere. I don’t mind bees as long as they are not in the car. Unlike wasps, who are just assholes wearing stripes, bees don’t want to hurt you. They just want your sweat.

Flowers in Joshua Tree National Park.

Flowers in Joshua Tree National Park.


Not a skull rock, Joshua Tree National Park.

Newsflash: the above rock is not the Skull Rock. A bit after this we saw the real Skull Rock right next to the road, but I like our Bird Skull Rock better. It looks like a parakeet and it was fun finding it.


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4 Responses to They Are Not Trees

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  2. plaidcamper says:

    Wonderful photographs! That desert is addictive…

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