Desert Creatures

We are back from California. 9 days went by fast and I’m ready for another holiday. The trip started with a long drive through Colorado and Utah, Arizona and Nevada to Mojave Desert National Preserve. Another great desert drive!

Wide open road at Mohave Desert National Preserve.

Wide open road at Mojave Desert National Preserve.

Joshua Trees, Mohave Desert National Preserve.

Joshua Trees, Mojave Desert National Preserve.

The desert and the different varieties of desert still mesmerize me. Even when the day in the desert is way too hot for me, I could stay for days, just for the mornings and the evenings and the starry sky. Maybe because it’s so different from the landscape I grew up with (think about thick spruce or pine forests, lakes, islands, random fields, but a lot of forests) that it still feels new to me. And so many amazing creatures too. Coyotes, beautiful tarantulas which I’ve only seen wild in Big Bend National Park in Texas, scorpions, and the cutest one we were lucky enough to see: the desert tortoise!

Desert tortoise, Mohave Desert National Preserve.

Desert tortoise, Mojave Desert National Preserve.

This young tortoise was close to becoming a roadkill. I was on the front seat, and after seeing the warning sign of the tortoises, keeping close eye on the road. And it was not in vain. This little guy was crossing the road. Since we saw more cars approaching, we moved him (could also be her, who knows about a tortoise) out from the road and made sure he was ok. Safe travels, cute friend! Sometimes I still think what the tortoise is up to. (The picture was taken with a long lens and cropped afterwards, I like to give wild animals the space they deserve.)

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4 Responses to Desert Creatures

  1. I agree, summer mornings and evenings in the desert, when the temperature is quickly cooling off, can be magical. That’s a fine snap of the tortoise there!


  2. plaidcamper says:

    Great photographs here! The desert does have a pull, doesn’t it? Especially each end of the day, as you and Walt have said, it’s something else.


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