About Solitude

I like being alone. If you dropped me, enough supplies, a couple of books and my camera to a small cabin deep in the woods and came to check after a couple of months, I would be perfectly fine, slightly irritated that it’s time for that highly valued solitude to end, but otherwise fine. I rarely seek company. I like being with people, and I have my own people who travel from the other side of the world just so we can hang out, but especially after meeting up with people I don’t know that well, I need a lot of time to recharge. I love being in the remote regions of the country. We couldn’t believe our luck when in Utah we found a campground that was completely ours! Walk-in sites only, so no noisy RVs, no other campers. All ours!

White House Campground, Utah.

White House Campground, Utah.

White House Campground, Utah.

Blistering desert heat.

White House Campground, Utah.

The rock formations.

White House Campground, Utah.

We didn’t even get rained on.

White House Campground, Utah.

Sandstone formations.

Our luck didn’t last and we had to share with a larger and a bit noisy group of people, but the whole place still felt so remote. Waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the milky way above us felt amazing. The best nights are the nights in the tent.

About Salla

Photography, travel. BIRDS.
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2 Responses to About Solitude

  1. Really nice photos of the Utah wilds. I miss being out West during the summer. Your campground solitude reminds me of some primitive camp sites I experienced in CO and northern NM. Great for mental health.


  2. plaidcamper says:

    Sometimes, the stars align, and the gods of camping are smiling on you – wonderful! As Walt says, it’s good for you.


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