This was a rare summer weekend. We stayed mostly* home, run some errands and relaxed. No camping, no hiking, but after over two years of getting by with a finicky apartment building wifi we finally have an internet connection of our own. Good job, us! What an achievement! I hope this means putting a post together a bit faster and uploading the pictures will be easier which could also mean more regular posts. Although the main reason we stayed home was because I worked for a little bit today and it’s record hot in Denver today, combined with slight smoke from the nearby forest fires. Good enough reason to stay at home and relax.


Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah.

After this one relaxing weekend, I’m ready to return to the desert. I’m not done with Utah or New Mexico anytime soon. There is still so much to see and so many places I want to return to. Grosvenor Arch was one of the weirdest locations. It was in the middle of a 50-mile dirt road. After reaching the arc, the actual walkway was paved the whole 1/4 miles (good for people with disabilities, I know). So worth the long drive though. Growing up with forests, the sea, lakes, I’ve found my favourite scenery in the middle of the desert.

Grosvenor Arch, Utah.

Grosvenor Arch, Utah.

*To be honest we tried to do a quick short hike, but slept in and the trailhead parking was full and it was hot so we just went home. I love Colorado being so outdoorsy and at the same time I wish it was a bit less. More for ME…

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1 Response to Achievements

  1. plaidcamper says:

    Spectacular scenery again! Early starts are the only way…but it is nice to sleep in too!


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