Odessa Lake

This is what happens when your whole body is hurting for various reasons and you don’t want to hike this weekend, but your husband talks you to do an easy stroll, which turns into a moderate 10 mile hike. And once you reach your destination, he convinces you to continue a little bit more to another destination. You get a reward. This time it was two waterfalls, two mountain lakes and the traditional post-hike beer. Good job, us.

Odessa Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Odessa Lake, the ultimate reward.


Grace Falls.

Fern Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Fern Lake, the original destination.

Flowers at Odessa Lake.

Flowers at Odessa Lake.

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2 Responses to Odessa Lake

  1. plaidcamper says:

    You may have been misled! The trail description doesn’t seem to say “moderate”…I hope the beer was a good one. Looks a lovely hike!

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    • Salla says:

      Yes, it says strenous! Felt more like a moderate. To be fair, this is not the trail we were planning to take but the other trailhead was full and we only knew the mileage, not the terrain, so we had set a time for us to be sure to be back on time.


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