The Weekend of Great Relax

In May we didn’t spend a single weekend home, just relaxing. There was the dinosaur hike, the weekend in Wyoming, Salt Lake City and another weekend in Wyoming. A weekend of pure relaxation was long overdue. I require quite a bit of downtime to function and to be able to tackle yet another workweek. This weekend was perfect for that.

But if it’s up to me, there won’t be a summer weekend without exploring. We’ve been trying to be on a lookout for the perfect weather to catch the sunset from on top of Mount Evans. Driving up the road either late at night or early in the morning has become a bit of a tradition after I moved to Colorado. We didn’t get the perfect sunset, but we did get some sightings of bighorn sheep, mountain goats, pikas (!), marmots (!) and of course various birds.


Bighorn sheep, Mount Evans, Colorado.


Mount Evans, Colorado.


Rain and thunder in the distance.

Mount Evans, Colorado.

Still snow, but at least we had a clear, non-scary sky.

Mount Evans, Colorado.

After the sunset.

It was nice to have a different weekend. Camping is close to the most relaxing thing I can think of (unless this or something like this happens), but it is also nice not having to pack and unpack, clean the tent footprint, wash the dirty dusty clothes, heal the hurting feet. If you decide to drive up to Mount Evans, it’s a little walk and you can enjoy the view. Although, this summer my goal is to hike my first 14er. I still need a lot of practice for that goal.

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2 Responses to The Weekend of Great Relax

  1. plaidcamper says:

    Beautiful photographs, and a reachable summit is always a bonus. Glad to read you had a relaxing weekend (and thanks for the link to the old guy rant!)

    Liked by 1 person

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