Hike to Harmonica Arch

This Saturday we didn’t camp. A decision I came to regret upon remembering all the amazing backcountry possibilities at Lost Creek Wilderness. The wilderness area is so beautiful, but damn you Colorado, do you have to be so outdoorsy?! We were at the trailhead at 8 am and the parking lot was already overflowing. Although the trailhead was overcrowded, the Harmonica Arch Trail we took was not. I was a bit worried about finding the trail, but with following good written instructions it was not hard to find at all.

The first view of the Harmonica Arch.

The first view of the Harmonica Arch.


The view towards the Lost Creek Wilderness.

Harmonica Arch, Lost Creek Wilderness.

Finally, the arch!

View towards Pike's Peak.

View towards Pike’s Peak.

Descending to the arch was a bit scary. The arch is placed on top of a rock, shaped like an upside down bowl, where if you get too much wind under your wings it would be really easy to fly and fall into the nothingness. Needed: a dry weather and hiking shoes with a good grip. A cold head and ability to not look down. Focus. Focus. Focus. This part was hard.

A side note: There are a couple of things that will make me hate you as a human being. 1) Leaving food outside while camping for the bears to eat. 2) Leaving a trace in the wilderness area. Camping right next to the creek. Letting your dog run without a leash to chase wildlife and find some good ol’ rattlesnakes, when the dog is supposed to be on a leash at all times. Setting your camp up in the middle of the heavily used trail and then getting upset when people walk through it or even too close to it. If you do these things, we can’t be friends. Even though I feel like I could just spend a day sitting next to the stream and read a book, the next time we are going to find an area with less heavy usage. Good for the nature, good for my blood pressure.

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3 Responses to Hike to Harmonica Arch

  1. plaidcamper says:

    What a hike – such beautiful surroundings!
    I’m with you on the list of peeves (in fact, my next post will be something of a set of complaints after a truly unsatisfactory camping experience we had this past weekend – trash, unleashed dogs, noise – but I’ll stop now, I can feel my blood pressure going up again…)
    Harmonica Arch is quite wonderful!


    • Salla says:

      Can’t wait to read that post! I’m sure we agree on all of the things. To me nature is for the nature, for the plants and native animals and I am just their guest, who has to act accordingly to be welcomed there again.


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