Denver Botanic Gardens

Let’s take a break on the travel stories and pictures and return to last Sunday. My mom and brother left Friday, and Friday both me and my husband got a terrible cold. Saturday all we did was sleep our headache away, but Sunday was too nice to stay inside. At first we planned to go to the Denver Art Museum to see the Samurai exhibition, but thought we might enjoy it better when not being sick. Instead of spending hours and hours in the museum, we decided to take a quick walk in the Denver Botanic Gardens since they had their free admission day.

Japanese Garden, Denver Botanic Gardens.

Japanese Garden, Denver Botanic Gardens.

Turned out the short walk was more than enough for both of us. Now after being in the flu bubble, where my hearing is as obstructed as my airways, I’m finally starting to feel slightly better.

Koi fish.

Koi fish.

Denver Botanic Gardens are not the biggest botanic gardens in the world, but I still like the place. I would just recommend going on some other day than the free admission day. Free admission is nice, but I’m willing to pay to admire the flowers with a bit less people around me. For a flu day it was still a nice little walk.


Denver Botanic Gardens.


A hairy flower.


Despite the cold weather, something’s blooming.

Last August something bit different was blooming too. The garden has a corpse flower in it’s collection and for abut 24 hours, it was possible to smell a flower that is supposed to smell the same as the leftover rotten meat in a trash can on an alleyway on a hot summer day. Being extremely sensitive to smells, I enjoyed the flower via live stream.



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2 Responses to Denver Botanic Gardens

  1. plaidcamper says:

    Lovely gardens, but I could skip the corpse flower…


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