The Second Stop

Mesa Verde National Park is one of the places we show to our guests who visit from outside of Colorado. I’ve been there four times now, my husband five, and it never fails to amaze us.


View from the Mesa Verde park entrance road.

The view from the park entrance road is magnificent. Miles and miles of the valley, snowcapped mountains in the distance. The serpentine road goes up and up, before finally reaching the top of the mesa (or rather a cuesta, since the top is not perfectly flat). I have hard time deciding if I love the Four Corners or the Pacific Northwest nature more.


From inside the park.

Spruce Tree House.

Spruce Tree House.

On our previous visits we’ve been able to take a short walk through the Spruce Tree House but this time it was closed due to rock slide danger and the tours to the other dwellings had not started yet, so we were only able to see the sites from a distance. Still it was nice to be able to show something unique to my family, something they’ve never seen before, something that can’t be found in Europe. Previously I was almost sure that the first time I heard about the cliff dwellings was from a Don Rosa comic. When my brother mentioned the same comic, now I’m 100% sure. Donald Duck comics are huge in Finland.


The Square Tower House.


The view from the Sun Temple.

Even after four visits, I want to go back, to explore more.

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4 Responses to The Second Stop

  1. A wonderful location. And if you’re ever in southern New Mexico, plan to visit the Gila Cliff Dwellings, another awesome site.

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