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Spanish Peaks

Last weekend we took a little trip to see the Spanish Peaks. Weather in Colorado has been great for skiers and crappy for campers and hikers, so we thought that by staying east of the continental divide we would be … Continue reading

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The Blizzard

Yesterday morning my husband, who as a teacher is enjoying a nice spring break, dropped me off to work, like he does every day. At that point the ground was still clear and it had only started snowing. During the … Continue reading

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What else we do

There are other things we like to do other than hiking and camping. When I moved here, we started to go through a list of countries in alphabetical order. We cook a traditional dish from each country, try to read … Continue reading

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Dreams of Spring

I have vivid dreams about tornadoes. In those dreams it’s always the most beautiful spring and revealing horror. Two completely different atmospheres. And then there’s always the tornado. It seems those dreams return, together with my dreams about our old … Continue reading

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About Winter

Just yesterday I was so happy to see some signs of springs. Today everything is covered in a thin layer of snow. Our 13th floor office with big glass windows turned into a giant snow globe and I felt dizzy, … Continue reading

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And Thyme

The first sign of spring for me is the start of the gardening season. It’s not the right time for the outdoor garden season quite yet, but our window benches have once again been filled with fresh baby herbs. When … Continue reading

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Standley Lake

I’ve mentioned visiting Rocky Mountain Arsenal quite often. It’s a short drive, perfect for those¬†“we have about one hour of daylight time”¬†evening walks. We don’t drive up to Standley Lake that often, but it’s another stable in the category “I … Continue reading

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Flying J Ranch Park

Another easy, slow Sunday hike, this time at Flying J Ranch Park near Conifer, Colorado. For me this time of the year is prime hiking season for the nearby hikes. It’s not too snowy, not too cold and not too … Continue reading

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Down the Mountain

Again, trying to get back to the writing/reading/commenting rhythm. These pictures are from the hike two weeks ago, the hike when we both realized we might actually need crampons for winter hiking. On the other hand it was a lot … Continue reading

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