Rio Grande del Norte

Valentine’s Day weekend is for camping. Last year it was the Great Sand Dunes, this year Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument.

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, New Mexico.

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, New Mexico.

Melting snow creating waterfalls.

Melting snow creating waterfalls.

Just before sunset.

Just before sunset.

I love off-season camping. The coldest temperature I saw from a tiny thermometer was 18 F/-7 C. We can both deal with chilly nights, since this time the reward was to once again to get to keep almost the whole place to ourselves.

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6 Responses to Rio Grande del Norte

  1. plaidcamper says:

    Chilly – but manageable (easy to say from the warmth of a cabin here!) It looks beautiful there, and all to yourselves? Wonderful.


    • Salla says:

      It was manageable. A bit muddy during the daytime where the sun was hitting, but the cold didn’t really bother us. We are getting better at this winter camping thing!


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