Some Favorites

When I started this blog, I was sure it’s not going to have a very long life. I was wrong. Since late May, I’ve updated the blog more or less every day. I started the blog to encourage myself to take better pictures after finally getting a digital camera to accompany the old film ones and to improve my written English. I didn’t expect anyone to actually find my blog. I didn’t expect, that there would be a newsfeed and a reader with texts that would make my day. Fellow campers, hikers and backpackers Old Plaid Camper, Curt Edgerton/Little Adventures and Max Wilson/Lesser Places always inspire me to hike a little further and yearn adventures even more I did before. It was nice to prove myself wrong. I think this blog will stay alive for at least a little bit longer.

Wyoming, March 2015.

Wyoming, March 2015.

Somewhere in Colorado, after a long climb.

Somewhere in Colorado, after a long climb.

Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho, August 2015.

Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho, August 2015.

Pictures unrelated, because why not. Do you guys have any favorite blogs that I should be following but I’m not?

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7 Responses to Some Favorites

  1. plaidcamper says:

    Well, I certainly appreciate the kind words and mention – thank you!
    I also hope you keep up your blog; it’s always great to get the notification you’ve posted something new. I enjoy your photographs, stories, and sense of humour.
    Recommendations for other blogs to read? There are so many creative people out there, and I find it hard to limit myself to reading just a few (there is only so much time in a day!), and the ones listed at OldPlaidCamper are all interesting in their own ways. I’ll choose one I’ve read for almost as long as I’ve been writing OPC, and that is Walt at RivertopRambles. He is a wonderful writer, and his warmth and enthusiasm for the natural world is really evident in his words and pictures:
    Thanks again, and enjoy your evening!

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    • Salla says:

      Thank you so much! And yes, it seems that time is a limiting factor. Sometimes I miss the freedom of being a freelancer (but not the financial insecurity).

      And thank you for the recommendation ,Rivertop Ramblers is definitely on my reading list now.


  2. Salla,
    I appreciate PlaidCamper’s recommendation! Thanks for the follow at Rivertop Rambles. Checking your blog for the first time, I’m taken by your photos, from the header to the mountain scenes, and even like your stated tastes– craft beers, wild birds, travel… Will add your blog to my blogroll at RR.

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  3. Sartenada says:

    Love Your photos. Thank You. Well, You are not following my blog, which presents Finland thru photos from the South to the North. Every post has a theme like rod trips, hiking, quilts, beads, Poor-man statues, memorials, traditions, culture, porcelain paintings, landscapes, old towns in Finland, tall ship races, Samba in Helsinki, jousting, summer cottages, giant kettles, rock paintings, Lapland etc.

    Have a great day,


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