Autumn Garden

Dill seeds.

Dill seeds.

Sunflower giving up.

Sunflower giving up.

The dill is still going strong.

The dill is still going strong.

This guy...

This guy…

My small garden is starting to prepare for the coming fall. It got a late start and the plot floods whenever it rains. We got one pea pod, one tomato is still trying to turn from green to red. Thyme, rosemary, carrots and oregano disappeared. Parsley, borage, dill, sunflowers, cilantro and basil grew huge. Next spring I’ll be wiser. Nothing too delicate, nothing that can’t take the sun and the rain and occasional hail storm.

I still haven’t had time to play with my new lens. Yesterday we got stuck in the afternoon rush hour and today was errands day. As an immigrant, I still can’t understand, how is it possible for something as pure evil as DMV to exist.

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