Chaco Canyon Petroglyphs

Chaco Canyon Petroglyphs.

Chaco Canyon Petroglyphs.

A man and a goat bird...?

A man and a goat bird…?

More petroglyphs.

More petroglyphs.

Most of these petroglyphs, just like the Supernova Pictograph, were on a short side trail from the Penasco Blanco trail. Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m lucky enough to get to visit these incredible places and actually see the petroglyphs. Back in 2005, I had just started geology studies in the University of Helsinki. I took an introduction to archeology and even though the lectures were focused on Finnish archeology, I read more about everything on my free time and got more and more fascinated about the places I was learning about. I never thought I’d actually end up living and working in Colorado in a completely unrelated industry and traveling around on my free time and actually see the places I used to read about 10 years ago. It’s so easy to read other travel blogs and get jealous of those who seem to have endless amounts of money and time, without remembering how much you’ve already seen, you lucky Finnish girl.

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