Visiting Mount Evans

Bighorn Sheep, Mt Evans, Colorado.

Bighorn Sheep, Mt Evans, Colorado.

Chicago Lakes, Mt. Evans.

Chicago Lakes, Mt. Evans.

Mountain goats.

Mountain goats.

A mountain plant.

A mountain plant.

I guess I have to start to say goodbye to summer...

I guess I have to start to say goodbye to summer…

This is what happens when me and my husband decide to “just chill, not drive anywhere” during the weekend. Saturday was just fine, doing laundry, running errands, trying to ignore the mountains calling, just like normal people who don’t get anxiety from not moving. We both fell asleep before 10 pm. Sunday morning we woke up way too early, ate breakfast and decided to do a short day trip to Mount Evans and grab a beer and dinner either at Tommyknocker or Smokin Yard’s. I’m not the biggest fan of winter camping if there’s snow. To avoid going crazy during the winter I guess I will have to develop a hobby that doesn’t revolve around going to places that will be covered in snow fairly soon. (Ok, I admit it, I do camp in the snow, but I just prefer no snow.)

Mount Evans is about a two hour drive from Denver. Road is typically open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but this year the opening was delayed, so the road is going to stay open until the first major snowfall. Short drive from Denver also means that there will be a lot of people on any given weekend day. Our previous two visits (there was also this failed hike) were to catch the sunrise and the sunset, which seems to be a great way to avoid the larger groups. Being there at the dusk also increases the chances of seeing wildlife. We got lucky. The mountain goats were on the side of the road. Later we had to stop our car because there was that much traffic, and the bighorn sheep just happened to be there, right next to our car. I had my window open and the sheep just let out the most disapproving “BOBOBOBOBO!” sound ever and moved away from our car. I’m also glad that I saw these guys from the car window. They may look mellow, but even when the bighorn sheep horns are not the biggest ones I’ve seen, they are still huge.

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